An early portrait of Princes Victoria eldest daughter of Queen


An early portrait of Princes Victoria, eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, when she married Prince Frederick William of Prussia on 25 January 1858.

Earliest known photograph of Queen Victoria, with her eldest daughter, c. 1844

First childbirth[edit]

Portrait by Albert Gräfle, 1863

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Say 'cheese': a portrait of Queen Victoria's family

Portrait by Heinrich von Angeli, 1876

Queen Victoria with her youngest child, Princess Beatrice, 1860. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Painting of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their family in 1846 - courtesy of Bridgeman

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Queen Victoria's first child, Victoria, Princess Royal

Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom

The stories of Queen Victoria's granddaughters: Princess Charlotte of Prussia

Queen Victoria at Balmoral with her daughters Princess Alice and Princess Louise and a portrait of her late husband, Prince Albert.

Victoria, Princess Royal, German Empress, Queen of Prussia

The portrait of Prince Albert, wearing a field marshal's undress uniform, however, replicated the first version, still at Windsor with its pair, ...

left: Queen Victoria with her eldest daughter Victoria, Princess Royal circa 1845 | right: Victoria in 1867, portrait by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

At the age of five, Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, born into a Royal, West African dynasty, was taken to England and presented to Queen Victoria as a “gift” ...

After Princess Victoria's first husband, Adolf, died in 1916, she later re-

Queen Victoria painted a portrait of Princess Louise after an original by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Queen Victoria of Great Britain with her husband, Prince Albert, and their nine children

Left image - Queen Victoria and Princess Beatrice | Photograph of Queen Victoria seated, slightly to right, with Princess Beatrice seated on her lap | Read ...

Prince Albert,

image. 1861. Queen Victoria ...

Princess Alice, the third child and second daughter of Queen Victoria in 1854.

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Queen Victoria

... 1863, the future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom married Princess Alexandra of Denmark, at St. George's Chapel, Windsor. It would be the first ...

An engraving based on Franz Xaver Winterhalter's famous portrait of Victoria, in which she wears the coronet gifted to her by Prince Albert.

Victoria and Albert with their son Prince Arthur

It is thought that the first photographer to capture the queen (with Victoria, the princess royal), was Henry Collen, using the Calotype technique some time ...

An illustration of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's wedding in 1840.

Queen Victoria, in her wedding dress and veil from 1840, painted in 1847 as

15th February 1892: A smiling Queen Victoria in an open coach. (Photo by

1845. Photograph of Queen Victoria and the Princess Royal

Henry Bone: The duchess of Kent with her daughter, the future queen Victoria (c. 1824/25)

Two images of Queen Victoria and her children

A portrait of Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III, and American actress Meghan Markle, who is engaged to Prince Harry.

Queen Victoria

First royal visit

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1854. Royal family, history, the real Queen

victoria princess royal [the first daughter and eldest child of queen victoria and prince albert

The future Edward VII was born on the morning of 9th November, 1841, at Buckingham Palace, the first born son and second child of Queen Victoria and her ...

Franz Painting - Queen Victoria And Prince Albert With Five Of The Their Children by Franz

A portrait of the queen as a young child

First Exhibition Ever to Focus on Queen Victoria & Prince Albert's Enthusiasm for Art

A Thomas Gainsborough painting of Queen Charlotte (Ivy Close Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

Portrait of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. / Queen Victoria attended the first London performance given ...

Prince Albert with his eldest daughter Princess Victoria and Eos, his greyhound; Credit – Wikipedia

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princess victoria aka vicky queen victoria and prince albert s first child was born in 1840

Stock Photo - Princess Victoria 1840-1901, first born child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Britain. She became German Empress and Queen of Prussia ...

She became the first known carrier of hemophilia, known as the "Royal disease."

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Queen Victoria pictured c1862 during her period of mourning after the death of her husband,

... the First British Royal of Color. Queen Charlotte, painted by British artist Allan Ramsay, probably between 1762 and 1766.

Catharina-Amalia is the eldest daughter of Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander,

He was the first King of Hanover dynasty who was more British than German as he was born in Britain and spoke English as a native language.

Queen Victoria's first two daughters, Princess Victoria (left) and her sister Princess Alice in the 1850s.

left: Queen Victoria holding Princess Beatrice in 1862 | Princess Beatrice, photographed by Royal Photographers W & D Downey, ...

Haemophilia is an X-linked recessive disorder. The blood of a haemophiliac lacks the ability to coagulate, due to the fact that one or more of the plasma ...

Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein, as a bride of Prince William, 1881

Queen Charlotte of England, 1863 portrait

Queen Victoria's Dazzling Coronet Is Now On Display For The First Time

As I have written elsewhere, I am an ardent admirer of Prince Albert, the husband and consort of Queen Victoria. So I was excited to read that the Royal ...

Queen Victoria Children - Princess Helena

Victoria,Princess Royal (later Empress Frederick) first children and daughter of Queen Victoria ...

Portrait of Queen Victoria and Prince Arthur being given a jewelled casket by the Duke of

Dirtie Bertie: the Royal PLAYBOY who took Victorian Paris by storm

Queen Victoria

The preference for copies of Winterhalter's portraits is hardly surprising, as it was well-known that the queen had the highest regard for his work.

Queen Victoria's children

Queen Victoria wearing her wedding veil at the christening of her great grandson, Prince Edward.

Princess Vicky, Queen Victoria's first daughter. The Princess Royal of England. (1840-1901)

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A portrait of England's Queen Victoria painted in 1900 by Bertha Muller is on display at

Princess Feodora of Leiningen

Queen Victoria

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A portrait of the young Queen Victoria by Franz Winterhalter. (Leemage/Corbis via

Victoria - Mary evans

English: La Grande Duchesse Anna Feodorovna (1795-1796), born Princess .


Victoria, Princess Royal and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's first daughter. She died of

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert five years after their marriage

British Monarchy: Princess Elizabeth aged seven, painted by Philip de László, 1933.

Queen Victoria

Dorothy Wilding, Queen Elizabeth II, hand-colored by Beatrice Johnson, (1952

She wears a velvet hat, round-collared dress decorated with pearls, open puff sleeves, and a jeweled belt. Pedro de Gante, Stow, Hollingshed, and portrait ...

Princess Alice and Prince Louis of Hesse on their wedding day in July 1, 1862. Picture: John Jabez Edwin Mayall

The Early Years of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort compiled under the direction of Her ...

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's children were born across a 17-year period (Photo

Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine was the only daughter of Ernst Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine and his first wife, Princess Victoria ...